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Git BlackBox

It is sometimes easy to fall into the risky practice of storing sensitive files containing secrets such as passwords and keys within a VSC repository. Of course, we don't want our secrets to be revealed, and we are less likely to share our code with others if we have secrets hidden within it. With BlackBox, your files are encrypted using GPG. This means you don't have to worry about storing your VCS repo on an untrusted server as long as you keep your GPG keys safe. Read the post ›

Security keys are now supported for SSH Git operations

YubiKey has come to GitHub! GitHub is a staple of the developer world, and as such, they are known to take their security seriously. Furthermore, they are pioneers in adopting new security trends, as shown in the past with their migration to Webauthn early in its lifecycle and how they were early adopters of Universal 2nd Factor ("U2F"). This article describes how they continue to evolve their security strategy by introducing and explaining the benefits of supporting security keys in SSH Git operations. Check it out ›

Introducing WebContainers - Run Node.js natively in your browser

WebContainers allows you to create full-stack Node.js environments that boot in milliseconds from within your browser and can be shared with a single click. In addition, the environment is secure by default and includes VS Code's powerful editing experience, a complete terminal, in-browser debugging, and many other features. Read more ›

Uppy 1.29 - Golden Retriever & webcam previews

Uppy 1.29 was released recently, bringing with it, as usual, a slew of improvements and fixes. Some of the new features include a new disableLocalFiles option for the Dashboard, a redesign of the Golden Retriever plugin, and the ability to preview captured webcam videos. Along with these additional enhancements, the full changelog describes a plethora of new additions. Check it out ›

Fast failing for the /http/import Robot

Last month, our /http/import Robot received a feature boost in the form of the new fail_fast parameter! This feature is particularly exciting for performance-based applications, as it allows you to disable automatic file upload retrying which saves on precious run time if an upload is likely to fail again. Read the post ›