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Tailwind CSS v3.0

With this release, Tailwind has brought exceptional performance boosts, massive workflow improvements, and an enormous number of new features. Take for example the new Just-in-time engine, which brings with it lightning-fast build times as well as support for even more colors and styles. Tailwind CSS utility classes are a very helpful tool for those who are looking to develop UI-responsive and customizable websites using a little CSS code. Head over to Tailwind Play to tinker with the new features in a fully interactive playground. Dive in ›

Rails 7.0 is fulfilling a vision

With advancements in browser support for ES6/ESM, widespread adoption of HTTP/2, and the exciting new standard for import maps, it’s finally possible for the Rails team to achieve their dream of truly full-stack web development. Rails 7 aims to deliver a no-Node default approach to the front end, combined with some of the best default choices available for front-end development. For those who rely on Node with Rails, the integration story has also been improved dramatically. No longer is it necessary to use Webpack with Webpacker – instead, you can use any JavaScript bundler of of your choice. The same philosophy also applies to CSS bundlers. Check it out ›

GitHub code search

GitHub has recently rolled out a new technology preview with substantial improvements to searching for code on GitHub. Once the preview is rolled out, you can try it for yourself here. Currently, the search index spans over five million of GitHub's top repositories, as well as any private repositories that you have access to. Smart ranking of top results will also make it much easier to find what you're looking for. This lets you stay in the flow-state for longer and increase your overall productivity. On top of that, scoped searches provide auto-completion suggestions, and filters give you a much easier way to scope your searches and refine the results. Read more ›

Uppy 2.1-2.3

With the advent of the new year, the Uppy team are giving the gift of Uppy 2.3! Ever since the release of Uppy 2.0, we've been busy working on a few things. The long-awaited Audio plugin is now available, allowing you to directly record and upload live audio from the Uppy dashboard. Moreover, we've been making some major under-the-hood improvements to Companion, resulting in file updloads up to twice as fast! We're sure you'll also be pleased to hear that the Unsplash plugin is now officially production ready. You can demo the plugin here. The Status Bar plugin likewise received a fresh coat of paint, with better error handling and improved error details. On top of all this, we also made a large variety of internal housekeeping improvements. Learn more ›

Automatically take scrolling screenshots of a website

You can use our new demo to learn how to create a Template that automatically takes a scrolling sceenshot of any website. We're using custom FFmpeg parameters in order to create a viewport that will slowly pan down a screenshot of a website. The best part? We can dynamically change the website we are screenshotting. Simply change the URL, and the rest is taken care of for you! Find out more ›