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Dev corrupts NPM libs colors and faker, breaking thousands of apps

Bleeping Computer found that the developer of the faker.js and colors.js libraries, Marak Squires, intentionally introduced a malignant commit on GitHub that is impacting thousands of applications relying on these libraries. The sabotaged version causes applications to infinitely output strange letters and symbols, beginning with three lines of text that read "LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY". The reason behind this mischief on the developer's part appears to be retaliation against mega-corporations and commercial consumers of open-source projects who extensively rely on cost-free and community-powered software, but do not – according to the developer – give back to the community. In November of last year, Marak had already warned that he will no longer be supporting large corporations with his free work, saying: "Take this as an opportunity to send me a six-figure yearly contract or fork the project and have someone else work on it." Dive in ›

Warp - The terminal that supercharges your developer workflow

Warp is a new, high-performance terminal built entirely in Rust that makes you and your team more productive and the CLI easier to use. The input editor for commands is a full-fledged text editor that supports a variety of features, notably including: selections, cursor positioning, and shortcuts just like the ones you're used to in other apps. Commands and their output are visually grouped into blocks, and existing shortcuts like up-arrow and CTRL+R have new visual menus to make them more user friendly. Check it out ›

Manage your database schemas with Atlas CLI

Atlas is at the core of Ariga’s platform. As an open source tool, Atlas CLI helps developers manage their database schemas through the application of modern DevOps principles. It enables software engineers to manage, maintain and access complex data architectures as if they were a single database. You can also use Atlas' own DDL. The Atlas DDL provides a declarative, Terraform-like configuration language aimed at helping you capture an organization's data topology. And if that wasn't enough for you, Atlas will intelligently plan schema migrations for you. All you have to do is pick your desired end state. Read more ›

We are hiring - Support Engineer

We're looking for someone who is technically savvy with some developer experience, but who don't necessarily see themselves programming all day, every day. If you find it rewarding to talk to other human beings, and help them figure out and resolve any problems they encounter during integration with our API – while also staying patient and empathetic – then this may be the job for you! You can work from anywhere in the world, using our virtual office powered by Slack. Take time off as you see fit – all we ask is that you meet your own commitments and give us timely notice. We are looking for people who are kind, resourceful, curious, and able to formulate and work towards their own goals. Learn more ›

Transloadit Milestones of 2021

At Transloadit, we like to focus on things that we feel we can improve. After being in operation for thirteen years, we're still finding things like that every day. When we finish a project, we tend to quickly move onto the next issue and forget about whatever we just accomplished. That's why we wrote this post to take the time to reflect on and celebrate the progress that we have made – especially in these challenging times. Here are our company's highlights for the past year. Take a look ›