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Helix - A post-modern text editor for advanced Linux users

Helix is a post-modern text editor written in Rust for the next generation of Vim users. With multiple cursors as a core component of the text editor, taking inspiration from Kakoune, Helix promises to deliver powerful code manipulation thanks to their robust Tree-sitter syntax tree. Save yourself the hassle of Electron, VimScript or JavaScript, as Helix runs directly in a terminal, while providing the same modern features and beautiful themes. Dive in ›

WeekToDo - A minimalist weekly planner

WeekToDo is a minimalist weekly planner aiming to help you plan your week in an easy and intuitive way. The privacy and security of your data is paramount to the WeekToDo team, so much so that all data is stored locally – meaning no one else sees your data apart from you. WeekToDo is a totally free project, available for Linux, Windows, macOS or in a web browser. The user interface allows you to quickly and easily drag, add, modify and delete tasks. You can also select whether to work with a weekly calendar, a custom task list, or a mix of both. Check it out ›

Nuxt JS announces the first release candidate for Nuxt 3

Nuxt is a framework built on Vue.js looking to provide exceptional development features like auto-generated routes and server-side rendering in an accessible, lightweight package. It's now easy for developers to build universal applications with Vue without the need to configure any backend frameworks or build systems in JavaScript from scratch – all the while delivering lightning-fast performance by default! Since its launch, the popularity of the Nuxt ecosystem has increased due to its simplicity and powerful features that allow you to worry less about your app’s architecture and spend more time working on what matters most: creating great user experiences. Since the beta, they’ve merged 1000+ pull requests, closed 900+ issues, made 2000+ commits and they have seen 3600+ open source repositories adopt Nuxt. Read more ›

Let’s Build - Geolocation image watermarker

While we are proud how versatile our API is, there are also things that it cannot do just yet. Fortunately, it is easy to integrate our API with third-party libraries and APIs to extend Transloadit's capabilities even further. In this post, we're demonstrating this through a Node program using the external library Node Geocoder to extract geo metadata from images, before watermarking this data onto our input image using Transloadit. We hope this post will help you learn how to integrate Transloadit into your projects with external tools to achieve impressive results. We'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for how to improve this project. If so, please feel free to reach out! Learn more ›

Med Help Dnipro

​The war in Ukraine sadly still rages on, claiming the lives of countless people in a brutal campaign. We at Transloadit remain committed to helping where we can, and our colleague Alex has recently shared this initiative to help hospitals in his home city of Dnipro. With sponsors from all over the world, Med Help Dnipro has been able to purchase much-needed medication, and provide new medical hardware to help wounded soldiers returning from the front. If you're looking for a good cause to donate to, this is an excellent choice. In our blog on Ukraine, Alex also continues to update a list of appropriate charities to donate to. Find out more ›