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Edit Markdown with vscode-remark

This project is a Visual Studio Code extension that you can use in your editor to inspect and change Markdown files. This extension is built from the ground up around remark, which is a very popular ecosystem of plugins that work with Markdown. You can choose from the more than 150 plugins that already exist or make your own, and add to the ever-expanding community. Dive in ›

Making your website more accessible with Pa11y

Making the web more accessible improves it for everyone. Pa11y provides a set of free and open source tools to help developers and designers build more accessible web pages. By running accessibility tests on your pages via the command line or Node.js, Pa11y lets you automate your testing process. Check it out ›

An introduction to Carbon

C++ remains the dominant programming language for performance-critical software, with continuously growing codebases and investments. However, it is struggling to keep up with developers' needs. Existing modern languages already provide an excellent developer experience, but they unfortunately bring significant barriers to adoption and migration from C++. Carbon is instead designed as a successor language, rather than an attempt to incrementally evolve C++. One of Carbon's core design goals is to make it as easy as possible for existing C++ developers and codebases to make the switch. Since it is built around a consistent set of language constructs, Carbon should feel familiar and be easy to read and understand. Carbon is currently an experimental project, so there is no working compiler or toolchain. Instead, you can see the demo interpreter for Carbon on compiler-explorer.com. Read more ›

Pricing change for import-only Assemblies

Pricing can be a hard topic to navigate, especially when we have to make the difficult decision to raise prices for existing customers. However, as we grow and learn, this can sometimes be unavoidable. Due to unforeseen usage patterns, we've decided to raise prices on certain Assemblies in order to help reduce costs that we were previously shouldering. For the majority of our customers, this shouldn't have any impact. As always though, we are eager to hear your thoughts concerning this change, either on Twitter or through support. Learn more ›

Introducing the /file/hash Robot

We're happy to announce that we have welcomed yet another new Robot to the Transloadit family. Say hello to the /file/hash Robot! With its introduction, it's now possible to hash any file that's part of your Assembly execution process. This proves particularly useful when it comes to safeguarding the integrity of your files. There are several algorithms at your fingertips to choose from. So, whether you're looking to use the speedy MD5 algorithm or a more secure option such as SHA-512, our /file/hash Robot ensures you have the right tool for the job. Take a look ›