Transloadit now has an official swag shop! Check out all of our cool merchandise, such as Uppy phone cases, Transloadit mugs and comfy clothes, by visiting Read ahead to find out what you have to do in order to receive some free swag!

Transloadit shop preview

Building the shop

Have you ever wondered how on Earth popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers manage to find the time to design, print, produce, warehouse, package, and ship all kinds of swag to their fans? So did we.

We'd rather put all of our efforts into what we do best — building file processing software, and solving our customers' problems. For this reason, we used two out-of-the-box solutions to hack together a service to distribute our merch.

First, we set up a storefront using Shopify and then connected a print-on-demand service to the shop. For our purposes, we chose Printful.

The Shopify side of things handles everything the customer sees: inventory, shopping cart, and payment processing. Printful, on the other hand, lets us design the products and add them to our inventory. Once a purchase is made, Printful prints the item and ships it to the customer. Pretty neat, isn't it?

Transloadit ❤️ Open Source

We have always been over the moon about open source. Our founders met through it, we’ve had – and still have – developers who are major contributors to Node.js core, and we built a number of modules that have since become inseparable from Node's core ecosystem. Transloadit is also proud to be the first company to run Node.js in production.

One of Transloadit's key contributions to the open source ecosystem has been tus, a protocol for resumable file uploads. We are now working together with Apple, Cloudflare and the HTTP Working Group to make this part of HTTP itself.

Six years ago, we open-sourced Uppy — which, we are proud to say, is now the #1 file uploader in the world. Since then, the project has been starred by over 25,000 developers on GitHub.

The most exciting part to us is that Uppy has over 300 contributors! These are all people who invest their free time into relentlessly creating a better file uploading experience for creators and other users of file sharing.

Free swag

Yes, you heard that right. Transloadit is giving away free swag! We love seeing developers who share our passion for open source, and we want to give back to the community. As such, anyone who submits a valuable PR to either Tus or Uppy on GitHub will receive some cool – free – swag 💖

In addition to developers, we also offer free merchandise to bug researchers who responsibly disclose vulnerabilities. If we believe that a vulnerability is valid and in need of fixing, the first submitter will receive a voucher code that can be used at our store's checkout. You can disclose vulnerabilities to us via the Intercom chat.

The voucher can be used to order anything you like from the store, such as our latest items, our mascot Botty's distopian cousin, or t-shirts embroidered with Botty.

T-Shirt with Botty logo embroidered on
T-Shirt with Botty's Dystopian Cousin, and the Transloadit logo beneath

Whether you are a happy user, contributor, or pentester, we hope you'll find something you like in the store. We’re looking forward to share our gratitude with you!