Update: We're still collecting applications until Wednesday 8th February, making sure everyone has a chance to apply. Then we'll stop accepting new applications and start reviewing. Note that, for reasons mentioned in this vacancy, it may take a while for us to get back to you 👌

We are seeking a senior-level Node.js Backend Developer to join our team and help us continue to scale, modernize, and improve our service. As a Node.js Backend Developer at Transloadit, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, including building and maintaining our API, improving our file processing pipeline, and more.


Transloadit allows you to receive, transform, or deliver any file with our API without owning or managing infrastructure. Since 2009, Transloadit has helped over 25,000 startups & enterprises from more than 135 countries convert 96 million gigabytes of media on our platform. With our Robots (such as 🤖/image/optimize) you can create custom pipelines, which allows you to compose even the most specific needs.

For example, our customer Coursera lets professors upload courseware to their platform. Behind the scenes, Transloadit handles the uploads and creates many different variants of the videos, images and PDFs, so that they display well on all different devices. Coursera does not need to worry about scaling CPUs to encode video, FFmpeg versions, codecs, parameters, error handling, etc. This frees up developer & machine cycles, so they can focus on what they do best: educating the world.

Transloadit is bootstrapped and 100% free of venture capitalism. This allows us to optimize for goals other than "5X return in 5 years" without much consideration for what's left behind when that is achieved. One of those goals is giving back to the community through open source software. Instead of monetizing from it, we open sourced Uppy (sleek, modular JavaScript file uploader) and tus (protocol for resumable uploads).

Still curious? We have an engineering blog that dives into real-world use cases with Transloadit's API.


We believe in empowering our team members – Transloadians – to create the circumstances and working hours that work for you, not against you. We want to make sure nobody at Transloadit is being overworked. To illustrate this point: we regularly go sporting during office hours or spend some time with our kids. As long as you are serious about getting something done at some point, you should be doing the same. Nine to five has outlived its relevance. Is the wind good now? Just give us the heads-up, and go fly your kite. Your project will wait and we can cover for you.

Transloadit is currently in a great spot, with the founders still actively contributing to projects. This means that unless there is some critical issue, we want our team members to work on things that genuinely excite them. We believe that this approach creates a sound work environment, in which happy team members can focus on developing excellent products.

The team currently has around 20 people of 11 nationalities, operating from all over the world either part-time or near full-time.

For more information check out our dedicated page.


  • Develop and maintain our Node.js API
  • Improve and optimize our file processing pipeline
  • Collaborate with the rest of the team to identify and solve problems
  • Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies


  • You are curious; you are comfortable pursuing issues through multiple layers of a software stack, and enjoy investigating, understanding, and solving problems.
  • You care about writing robust systems, code quality, performance and technical debt. You understand the tradeoffs that doing rigorous engineering requires.
  • Strong experience with Node.js and JavaScript
  • Willingness to be on call for incident response. We are flexible in shifts and happily cover for each other when needed. You'll pair with a senior and won't be responsible until you indicate that you are ready.
  • Degrees are optional as long as you can demonstrate experience and that you leave no stone unturned.
  • Excellent communication skills (English) and the ability to work well in a remote team.
  • Strong debugging skills. Strong ability to read and understand existing code. It should be no problem for you to deep dive into a large, 14-year-old code base.
  • The ability to work autonomously, finding valuable things to work on, keeping track of your own todos.
  • Familiarity with Linux and the CLI.
  • Bonus: experience with contributing to open-source projects, MySQL, Terraform, AWS, TypeScript, Nix.


  • Working remotely from anywhere
  • Flexible working hours
  • Picking your projects based on interest
  • A transparent, open-minded and distraction-free work environment
  • Being part of a great team of skilled and passionate people
  • Time to improve your skills and explore your interests
  • Company-sponsored trips and conference passes
  • Kindles with an unlimited book budget (fair use policy applies)
  • Machine-purchasing budget for near-fulltimers
  • Billable time to play video games with the team
  • Opportunity to work on open source


  • $50-$65 per hour, depending on experience and seniority
  • 32h/week
  • Option to be on payroll instead of freelance if located in Germany

Hiring Process:

  • Send your resume and a cover letter to hello@transloadit.com.
  • We'll review all of them. Sometimes we get many, and we're a small team. It may take time to get back to you.
  • We'll get back to you and let you know if you have made it to the 2nd round.
  • We'll invite you to our Slack for a chat. We may ask about previous experiences and we'll try to answer questions you have about our company or this position.
  • We'll get back to you and let you know if you have made it to the 3rd round.
  • We'll schedule a video call to get better acquainted, see if we're a cultural match, and do deeper dives on things you created.
  • We'll let you know if you got the job.

Diversity of backgrounds and cultures is essential in helping us maintain our momentum. Our business and technical challenges are unique, and we need as many different voices as possible to join us in solving them – voices like yours. No matter who you are or where you’re from, we welcome you to be your true self at Transloadit.

Studies show that women and members of underrepresented communities apply for jobs only if they meet 100% of the qualifications. Does this sound like you? If so, Transloadit encourages you to reconsider and apply. We look forward to your resume and motivation at hello@transloadit.com!

» Thanks for your interest, but this vacancy has been filled.