Halfway through each month, our newsletter for developers: The Dev Times, brings three reads that our own developers found interesting on the web, and two Transloadit updates that may interest you.

devenv – fast and reproducible developer environments

Devenv is offering a new way to build, share and run your local development environment – with a single unified command. Any widely used package will work with devenv too, resulting in over 80,000 compatible packages. Moreover, the devenv team opted for a declarative approach to defining your development processes, with support from a wide range of community modules; including heavy hitters like PostgreSQL, Redis and MySQL. The project itself is open source, so please have a look for yourself and maybe even contribute! Dive in ›

FFmpeg 6.0 "Von Neumann"

The FFmpeg team has recently announced the release of FFmpeg version 6.0. Alongside a barrage of new features and improvements, the FFmpeg team also plans to change how future major releases are structured. From now on, the ABI version will be bumped with each release, and deprecated APIs will be removed after three releases. The FFmpeg CLI has also received a fresh coat of paint, with threading improvements resulting in significantly faster encoding speeds. Learn more ›

Arc – a new take on a browser

The Browser Company has been quietly working hard on its new product – Arc. The aim of Arc is to breathe fresh air into an increasingly cluttered internet. Despite countless software trends growing and fading away, the browser paradigm has largely remained the same. Arc hopes to break new ground and change the way you interact with the web. The project is currently invite-only, so you will have to sign up if you want to try this new browser for yourself. No matter what you do with it right now, Arc is well worth keeping an eye on as it progresses! Read more ›

Our 2022 milestones

Taking part in the tradition of reflecting on the past year is not only fun, it can also help determine how you're going to spend your next. That's why we are taking a look back and revisiting all of our milestones from 2020. Despite certain challenges on the way, we feel that we've managed to make a big impact with a relatively small team. We are proud to give you a tour through our highlights of last year, and excited to give you some insight into what we have in store for you in 2023! Check it out ›

Five ways to get the most out of Transloadit

Transloadit is a powerful tool, but realizing its full potential for your product can often take some experimentation. To help get you up to speed on some of the basics, we wrote a short guide that you can use as a starting point for your explorations – with five handy tips on ways to get more out of Transloadit. Take a look ›