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GitHub Copilot X is ready for take-off

GitHub Copilot is already a developer's best friend, and it just keeps getting better. GitHub Copilot X aims to speed up an even larger part of your workflow: it can write unit tests for you, explain code you're unsure about, and even generate pull request descriptions – without having to fill out the dreaded PR template. If that wasn't quite enough for you, then Copilot also offers the same help from within the CLI. Dive in ›

Cicada - write modern CI/CD pipelines in TypeScript

Cicada aims to be the beating heart behind your CI/CD workflow. With pipelines written in TypeScript, you can free yourself from "YAML-hell" and write your automations in the same language as the rest of your stack. Since it uses TypeScript, many other benefits come by default, such as statement completion, real-time type checking and interactive documentation – straight from the IDE. Cicada is currently in early access, so apply below to have your project onboarded! Learn more ›

Markprompt - GPT4 for your documentation

The AI hype-train is still going strong, with Markprompt leading the charge when it comes to integrating GPT-4 with your documentation. The pitch is simple: upload the files you want to be promptable, and Markprompt will generate a vector database to navigate your content. A custom React component then provides an interface for users to ask GPT-4 questions about their documentation, after which they will receive a response tailored to their project. Read more ›

Why you should choose Transloadit over S3 for file uploads

When it comes to handling file uploads, there are plenty of great options to choose from, with Amazon S3 being one of the more popular choices on the market. There are, however, also a number of reasons why Transloadit could be better suited for your file-uploading needs. In this blogpost, we make the case that Transloadit offers a better end-user and developer experience, whilst also being faster and more cost-effective. Check it out ›

Create engaging audio visualizations in seconds

Digital creators are constantly seeking new ways to engage their audience. With audio content on the rise again, there's also a growing demand for tools that can enhance the audio-visual experience. Inspired by Spearhead, we decided to attempt to automatically generate a similar result. Whether you're a podcaster, musician, or content creator, this guide will help you transform your audio into a captivating visual experience, elevating your content strategy. Take a look ›