Renterval has made it their business to help your business thrive. Whatever it is you have for rent, they make sure potential customers can see your inventory and do business with you, directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer – on any time of the day (or night).

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Whether it is vacation homes, heavy machinery or bouncy castles, renting has become big business over the years. Like anyone who has become used to the way things work on the internet, rental customers want to do their business online and have quick and easy access to the products they are interested in. This is where Renterval steps in.

Renterval offers an online platform through which store owners can interact and transact with their customers. Their SaaS (Software As A Service) Rental reservation application allows the customers to view inventory and pricing in real-time and swiftly complete the rental checkout when they have found what they were looking for.

As such, Renterval not only makes life easier for rental customers, but for store owners as well. By being able to manage their rental operation from anywhere and having Renterval do the dirty work, they are free to focus fully on growing their business.

An overwhelming amount of images every month

Business has been good for Renterval, as is evident from their steadily growing customer base. Growth and success did, however, cause a few problems as well. Customers like to see what they would get before they complete any transaction and store owners, therefore, attach pictures for everything they have for rent. For every new customer of Renterval, their platform was required to handle more and more pictures and that number kept growing to the point where they began to run into some issues.

As Andy Chambers, founder and CEO of Renterval, explains:

Andy Chambers

“Attractive, fast-loading images are critical to getting the customers’ interest and completing the rental checkout. Renterval was managing the upload process on our own, but at some point our processes couldn’t scale to meet customer usage anymore.”

It became clear that processing the enormous amount of images that were uploaded to their platform every month was becoming too much to handle on their own, partly because it began to take up a lot of time that could be better spent on other things. With that in mind, Renterval set out to find an alternative.

A simple, affordable and reliable solution

Renterval had a few important criteria in mind when looking for a solution: whatever it was, it had to be easy-to-use and cost-effective. When the technical team at Renterval stumbled upon Transloadit and it turned out that they were not only well equipped to cope with the issues they were having, but also offered their services at a reasonable price, any other alternatives were soon abandoned.

“Renterval wanted a simple, affordable and reliable solution. Transloadit fit the bill in every respect.” – Andy Chambers

After the decision was made to enlist the services of Transloadit, the process of implementing them into their own platform was easy and fast. For a while now, Renterval has outsourced their image processing to Transloadit and things have been running smoothly. As a result of this, the store owners who make use of Renterval, as well as their customers, have seen faster page loads, faster image loads and rendering, and were able to enjoy a better customer experience overall.

In Summary

Much like the service Renterval provides to its own customers, Transloadit was able to help out where it was needed, which allowed the people at Renterval to spend their valuable time on other things.

As Andy Chambers says:

“With Transloadit, image uploads are quick and we like that they are extremely reliable. Transloadit helps our users merchandise their inventory more effectively, which has resulted in higher order values and higher customer satisfaction. They are critical in helping us manage massive amounts of images that we process every month. We couldn’t run our business without Transloadit!”