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We are a Swiss Army knife for your files

Transloadit is a service for companies with developers. We handle their file uploads and media processing. This means that they can save on development time and the heavy machinery that is required to handle big volumes in an automated way.

We pioneered with this concept in 2009 and have made our customers happy ever since. We are still actively improving our service in 2023, as well as our open source projects uppy.io and tus.io, which are changing how the world does file uploading.


Copy files from Openstack/Swift to Tus servers

In this demo we show how you can use Transloadit's API to copy files from Openstack/Swift to Tus servers.

Once you set up the recipes, Transloadit can do this for you automatically.

Optionally you could also transform the files between the import from Openstack/Swift and the export to Tus servers.

You can for example encode videos, optimize images, detect faces, and much more.

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So many ways to integrate

Transloadit is a service for companies with developers. As a developer, there are many ways you can put us to good use.
  • Bulk imports

    Add one of our import Robots to acquire and transcode massive media libraries.
  • Handling uploads

    We are the experts at reliably handling uploads. We wrote the protocol for it.
  • Front-end integration

    We integrate with web browsers via our next-gen file uploader Uppy and SDKs for Android and iOS.
  • Back-end integration

    Send us batch jobs in any server language using one of our SDKs or directly interfacing with our REST API.
  • Pingbacks

    Configure a notify_url to let your server receive transcoding results JSON in the transloadit POST field.

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