At Transloadit we're passionate about growing a service, and making a huge dent with a small team. We're all engineers and in it for the love of the game. We're more interested in doing things right than cutting corners for quick pay-off.

Hence our code is not done until it's tested & refactored. Our support is not done until the customer is happy. This attitude has allowed us to build a reliable service that's fun to use and work on. It has allowed us to grow a loyal customer base without having done sales or marketing yet. In 2012 we became ramen profitable and since then we've quadrupled in size.

We have a job opening for a US-based support engineer to help us with communication, sysadmin, and support tasks. Since we're Berlin-based, you'll be our US representative. This means overseeing operations as Europe goes to bed, going to meetups, and brushing up the language of our docs, website, etc. In a way, you'll be the voice of Transloadit.

Things We Are Looking For

  • Based in US, native English speaker
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Friendly / optimistic attitude
  • Intrinsic motivation to make customers (also developers) happy
  • Experience with Linux (Ubuntu) and command-line tools
  • Experience with Git(Hub)
  • Open source enthusiast
  • Available for 10-20 hours a week
  • Preferably on freelance/invoice basis, but we can negotiate a fixed hour/month arrangement that works well for you

Things That Would Be Nice

  • Experience with CoffeeScript, Go, MySQL, Redis, (Cake)PHP, Amazon Web Services, FFmpeg, ImageMagick.
  • Experience with AdWords
  • Experience with Transloadit, or similar services

Things You Will Do

  • Helping users with integration and answer questions on our private and public support forum
  • Help customers debug issues
  • Investigating FFmpeg issues on the command line
  • Brushing up the language of our docs, website, etc.
  • Write the tools to make all of this easier
  • Develop/maintain satellite projects such as our SDKs, open source projects, and website
  • Spread the love, going to meetups
  • Be available for PagerDuty shifts

Things We Are Offering

  • Friendly & informal atmosphere
  • Working directly with the founders to figure out what Transloadit's next level is, and how we can take her there
  • Work remotely (we use Skype, email, Slack, GitHub to communicate on a daily basis)
  • Freedom to expand on tasks that you are (or want to become) good at
  • Freedom to work on your own proposals
  • Freedom to be flexible with your hours
  • A chance to learn a great deal about Node.js, Go, encoding stacks, databases, operating systems, scaling 500 servers on EC2
  • Good pay
  • Trips! We're based in Amsterdam & Berlin and will meet a couple of times a year to have a few drinks, discuss the future, get to know each other better. We also sponsor & attend a lot of developer conferences.

We estimate this is not a full-time job, so you're free to combine it with current engagements. We're open to be proven wrong though 😄

» Thanks for your interest, but this vacancy has been filled.