At Transloadit we're passionate about growing a service, and making a huge dent with a small team. We're all engineers and in it for the love of the game. We're more interested in doing things right than cutting corners for quick pay-off.

Hence our code is not done until it's tested & refactored. Our support is not done until the customer is happy. This attitude has allowed us to build a reliable service that's fun to use and work on. It has allowed us to grow a loyal customer base without having done sales or marketing yet. In 2012 we became ramen profitable and since then we've quadrupled in size.

We're now looking to hire someone who can share our vision and would enjoy making Transloadit better with us, day by day, bit by bit.

We have a job opening for an engineer to help us with development, sysadmin, and support tasks. We realize that's many different areas of expertise. It's OK if you still need to learn a few tricks. We like our teammates to grow into positions that suit them. We think the diversity that comes with our job is what keeps it fresh and rewarding. It enables us to build a more cohesive product.

Things We Are Looking For

  • Fluent in written English (most of our customers are US based)
  • Experience as a developer professionally
  • Intrinsic motivation to make customers (also developers) happy
  • Open source enthusiast
  • Experience with Git(Hub)
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience with Linux (Ubuntu) and command-line tools
  • Eager to learn these - and new things
  • Based in US or EU
  • Available for 32-40 hours a week

Things That Would Be Nice

  • Experience with CoffeeScript, BASH, Go, MySQL, Redis, (Cake)PHP, Amazon Web Services, FFmpeg, ImageMagick

Things You Will Do

You'll be part of a small team, wearing all hats. This means:

  • Helping to improve our software (our website, SDKs, open source projects, API, and cloud tools)
  • Helping customers with integration and answer questions on our support forum
  • Helping us with simple sysadmin tasks. You'll also be on PagerDuty from time to time.

Things We Are Offering

  • A chance to work on open source (much of our code is written in the public domain)
  • Friendly & informal atmosphere. We encourage learning and sharing with the world. We're not about the money, the deadlines. We'd rather build something awesome together
  • Working directly with the founders to figure out what Transloadit's next level is, and how we can take her there
  • Work remotely (we use Skype, email, Slack, GitHub to communicate on a daily basis)
  • Freedom to take on tasks that you are (or want to become) good at
  • Freedom to work on your own proposals
  • Freedom to be flexible with your hours
  • A chance to learn a great deal about Node.js, Go, encoding stacks, databases, operating systems, scaling 500 servers on EC2
  • Good pay
  • Trips! We're based in Amsterdam & Berlin and will meet a couple of times a year to have a few drinks, discuss the future, get to know each other better. We also sponsor & attend a lot of developer conferences.
» Thanks for your interest, but this vacancy has been filled.