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#! http://ajxn.it/bOplN6 looks really nice. upload + transcode (and much more) as a service. /by @felixge @#! via Twitter
mgiglesias If you are a developer, need a fancy file uploader, and have common sense, you'd use http://transloadit.com @mgiglesias via Twitter
wizardofcrowds Fantastic file uploading for your web application Transloadit: http://transloadit.com/ built on #nodejs @wizardofcrowds via Twitter
dominiek Great web service for web developers: Transcode, resize and thumbnail media with Transloadit - http://bit.ly/af9OWs /by @kvz @dominiek via Twitter
shealan i'm using this service for s3 image manipulation. http://bit.ly/a7IACI @shealan via Twitter
junto http://bit.ly/cyeuXj Great idea for taking the uploading heat of programmers. @junto via Twitter
gbanos Super cool idea and execution! @gbanos via Twitter
feedmyapp20 Transloadit - Fantastic file uploading for your web application http://bit.ly/a8Q1AI @feedmyapp20 via Twitter
bkudria This is an awesome idea: http://transloadit.com/ @bkudria via Twitter
flevasseur Intéressant pour convertir des videos dans des applications web. http://bit.ly/a7IACI #video #web #converter #ffmpeg @flevasseur via Twitter
rickguyer http://transloadit.com looks very useful to assist rapid development. Good job guys @transloadit @rickguyer via Twitter
allmarkedup This looks like it could be very useful: http://transloadit.com/ @allmarkedup via Twitter
coolwebsites Transloadit - Fantastic file uploading for your web application: You setup your HTML forms so that users directly... http://bit.ly/a8Q1AI @coolwebsites via Twitter
shochdoerfer transloadit sounds like an incredible service. Need to try... @felixge @transloadit will launch on July 13th. http://bit.ly/9LpXTR #excited @shochdoerfer via Twitter
TechRSS Transloadit.com - File Uploading & Processing Redefined: Transloadit is a new web service that will let webmasters... http://bit.ly/96e8wo @TechRSS via Twitter
Gwzo ロボットかわいい Home - Transloadit http://bit.ly/chCORV (Japanese; English translation: "Cute Robot") @Gwzo via Twitter
tfmagician Transloaditのプラグインもあるんですね。あのサービス使ってみたい! / (Japanese; English translation: "I'm also plugging Transloadit. I want to use that service!") @tfmagician via Twitter
#! http://transloadit.com/ looks pretty damn sweet! @#! via Twitter
#! Fantastic file uploading for your web application http://transloadit.com @#! via Twitter

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“Innovating Service that will take over the whole file upload process.” — 100shiki

“File uploading is one of those things that’s completely integral to a lot of web experiences, but very difficult to do well, and not fun at all for developers to spend time on. It’s hard to debug, hard to test, and hard to give progress feedback to users. Transloadit has put the time into making a fantastic uploading service so developers can stop worrying about the mundane details of files and focus on the interesting details of user’s content.
Transloadit is another example of what I like to call service-as-a-service. Just like Zencoder, they’ve focused in on a narrow technical problem that is a pain to deal with, and just developed the hell out of it. Future ventures would do well to leverage these sorts of services: it’s important to focus on the core of what makes an app interesting.” — Venture Pimp

“Ja, viele Frameworks haben mitlerweile gute Unterstützung für Forms und auch für Dateiuploads. Dazu gibt es auch eine Vielzahl an Javascript-Helferlein die den Upload von Dateien eträglich und anwenderfreundlich machen sollen. Für die Speicherung bieten sich dann Amazon S3 und Konsorten an, die zumeist auch direkte POSTs akzeptieren.

Aber damit ist es nunmal nicht getan. Oftmals muss die gerade hochgeladenen Datei ja auch verarbeitet werden. Gerade bei Bildern und Videos kann das mitunter dank der Vielzahl an Formaten sehr umständlich und nervig werden. Genau hier kommt Transloadit ins Spiel.

Der Dienst lässt sich ganz simpel durch ändern der action in jedes Uploadform einbauen und erlaubt durch intelligente Robots, die über hidden fields konfiguriert werden, den Upload direkt zu verarbeiten (image resize, video transkodierung, etc.) und dann automatisch im S3 bucket der Wahl abzulegen. Toll.
Die Jungs aus Berlin haben ihren Dienst gestern gestartet und sind für mich bereits jetzt eines der spannendsten Cloud Startups aus deutschen Landen.” — Philipp Strube

“Debuggable's TransloadIt plugin: A really rad way of uploading files to a NodeJs-based webservice that handles encoding, processing, and storage for you via Ajax. It's hot.” — Jose Diaz-Gonzalez

“Having easy and cheap solutions like this make you gain valuable time in the early stage and even later.” — mickeyben

“Having been part of a startup which focused on video upload, encoding and streaming I think there is a market for this service. Past experience has shown me that one of the unplanned significant overheads of a service like this is the myriad of esoteric codecs out there and what they do to FFmpeg and related encoding tools. There is always a source or device that produces a video file which causes FFmpeg to hang or segfault on transcoding, or to output a flawed transcoded file with poor video or no sound, etc.” — RickFromSA

“Transloadit is a new web service that will let webmasters handle content submitted by users far more smoothly. If you are one, Transloadit will let you forget about usability, scalability and formats and have your users submit as much content as they feel like contributing, in the way they want.

The execution of this service is very clever. Basically, you will be able to implement a upload form that your visitors will use in order to submit their own files. These are uploaded to the Transloadit servers (not yours), and they are processed there. You are the one who tells Transloadit what to do with the files that are uploaded, using a special parameter file. Some of the many options that you can choose from include resizing images, encoding videos, extracting thumbnails... that is, all the prototypical operations that are carried out whenever a user submit content of his very own.” — Killer Startups