The /file/decompress Robot

We can both archive and extract entire media libraries.

The /file/decompress Robot extracts entire archives of files to be consumed by other Robots or exported as individual files.


Name Type Default Description
ignore_errors Array [] A possible array member is only "meta". There might be an error coming up when trying to extract meta data from the files inside your archive. This happens for files that are zero bytes big for example. Setting this to true will cause the Robot to not stop the file decompression (and the entire Assembly) when that happens. To keep backwards compatibility, setting this parameter to true will set it to ["meta"] internally.


Our /file/decompress Robot can be used in combination with other Robots, to create powerful workflows unique to your use case. Here are a few example scenarios that you can try live on our website:

Blog posts about our /file/decompress Robot

We wrote the following posts about our /file/decompress Robot on our blog:

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