The /video/concat Robot

Our /video/concat robot

Transloadit offers a variety of features to reduce video size while maintaining quality, as well as add effects like watermarks.

The /video/concat Robot concatenates several videos together.

The /video/concat Robot's Parameters

Name Type Default Description
preset String "flash" Performs conversion using pre-configured settings. If you specify your own FFmpeg parameters using the Robot's ffmpeg parameter and you have not specified a preset, then the default "flash" preset is not applied. This is to prevent you from having to override each of the flash preset's values manually. For a list of video presets, see video presets.

Example use cases featuring the /video/concat robot

See the robot in action with some live demos and code samples right here on our website:

Concatenate two video files

Here you can see a quick example of the Assembly Instructions required to create this encoding pipeline. More information is available in the Live demo

 "steps": {
    "imported_preroll": {
      "robot": "/http/import",
      "url": ""
    "concat": {
      "use": {
        "steps": [
            "name": "imported_preroll",
            "as": "video_1"
            "name": ":original",
            "fields": "test-file",
            "as": "video_2"
      "robot": "/video/concat",
      "result": true,
      "ffmpeg_stack": "v2.2.3",
      "preset": "ipad"

Did you know?

You can easily combine Robots to create powerful workflows, unique to your business.

This is the power of Transloadit.