We are happy to announce our newly baked support for auto rotating iphone video uploads.

By default the iphone always records and saves videos in landscape format. This causes rotation problems if the recorded video was shot in portrait format and the video player (or in our case encoder) is not aware of it.

Of course this is exactly one of the headaches we are trying to solve for our customers. As of today, we have taken care of it, and there is nothing you need to change on your end - everything will just work automatically.

However, there are still cameras out there that don't record the orientation of the video. To deal with those, we have added a new rotate parameter to our /video/encode robot which you can read about in our docs.

As always, we are happy to listen to your feedback - so if you have more ideas or suggestions, please get in touch. Oh, and stay tuned for some significantly cooler features to be announced soon!