The /video/encode Robot

We offer a variety of video encoding features like optimizing for different devices, merging, injecting ads, changing audio tracks, or adding company logos.

The /video/encode Robot encodes, resizes, applies watermarks to videos and animated GIFs.


Name Type Default Description
use (required) String / Array of Strings


Specifies which Step(s) to use as the input to this Robot.

Special Step names

A special Step name is ":original", which provides user uploads handled by Transloadit.

Providing several Steps as input

You can add arrays to use several Steps:
"use": [

Step bundling

Some Robots can gather several Step results for a single invocation. For example, the /file/compress Robot would normally create one Zip file for each file passed to it. If you'd set bundle_steps to true, however, it will create one archive containing all the result files from all Steps you give it. To enable bundling, provide an object like the one below to the use parameter:
  "use": {
    "steps": [
    "bundle_steps": true
This is a crucial parameter for the /video/adaptive Robot, otherwise you'll generate 1 playlist for each viewing quality.
Keep in mind that all input Steps must be present in your Template. If one of them is missing, no result is generated because the Robot waits indefinitely for all input Steps to be finished.

Group by original

Sticking with the /file/compress Robot example, you can set group_by_original to true, in order to create a separate Zip file for each of your uploaded or imported files, instead of creating one archive containing all originals (or one per resulting file). This is a crucial parameter for the /media/playlist Robot.


See a demo for the use parameter here.
preset String "flash" Converts a video according to pre-configured settings. For a list of video presets, see video presets. If you specify your own FFmpeg parameters using the Robot's and/or do not not want Transloadit to set any encoding setting, starting ffmpeg_stack: "v3.3.3", you can use the value 'empty' here.
width Integer(1-1920) Width of the input video Width of the new video, in pixels.
height Integer(1-1080) Height of the input video Height of the new video, in pixels.
resize_strategy String "pad" See the available resize strategies.
background String "00000000" The background color of the resulting video the "rrggbbaa" format (red, green, blue, alpha) when used with the "pad" resize strategy. The default color is black.
rotate Integer Auto Forces the video to be rotated by the specified degree integer. Currently, only multiples of 90 are supported. We automatically correct the orientation of many videos when the orientation is provided by the camera. This option is only useful for videos requiring rotation because it was not detected by the camera. If you set rotate to false no rotation is performed, even if the metadata contains such instructions.
hint Boolean false Enables hinting for mp4 files, for RTP/RTSP streaming.
turbo Boolean false Speeds up encoding greatly, especially for large non-adaptive workloads. Now in public beta.


Our /video/encode Robot can be used in combination with other Robots, to create powerful workflows unique to your use case. Here are a few example scenarios that you can try live on our website:

Blog posts about the /video/encode Robot

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