Rapid Growth

The past month have been a fantastic adventure. We've been signing up new customers at an accelerating rate.

However this has not stopped us from adding new features. This newsletter is a summary of the major additions to our service in the past couple of month.

Pay as You Go

Initially we launched with a fixed plan model. We quickly changed that after it became clear that our customers wanted the flexibility of paying only for what they needed.

As a team that believes in listening to our customers, we heard your request and brought you our new pay as you pricing.

Rackspace Cloud Files Robot

Another frequent request was to support other storage options than Amazon S3.

We listened, and are happy to present the first new addition to our growing army of robots, check out the /cloudfiles/store Robot.

Better Assembly Debugging

While our service kicks ass when your uploads are humming, it is always frustrating to hit a problem with what you are doing.

So we went ahead and added more debugging information about your Assemblies. If you login to your account area, you can now see additional information about the parameters we received, the Template used and the state of your notify_url notification.

More Storage Path Options

We love pretty URLs, and so do our customers.

For that reason we made the current path placeholders more powerful, the new options include: ${previous_step.name} ${file.basename} ${file.meta.thumb_index} ${file.meta.thumbnail_offset}.

You can read up on all our options in the /s3/store Robot docs and our metadata page.

iPhone SDK

One of our earliest customers, tvype.com wanted to integrate Transloadit uploading into their iPhone app.

That's cool we thought, and cooked up a nice iPhone SDK that makes file uploading from your mobile apps a breeze.

Image Gamma Correction

Image uploading is admittedly one of the easier problems we are solving. But of course, the devil is in the details.

With Transloadit you are always profiting from our never-ending quest to making this kind of stuff better. One of our recent advances is the automatic correction of subtle gamma changes during image resizing.

Test Driven Development

We are pretty religious when it comes to the quality of our service, so we wrote a little article about the test driven development we practice for you.

The article spawned a great discussion on hacker news and even caught the attention of none other than Kent Beck himself.

Upcoming Features

Of course there is plenty of other stuff we are working on. Currently the following items are really high on our todo list and scheduled for implementation.

  • Real-time encoding - We plan to encode your videos while they are still uploading, this would be an industry first.
  • iPhone HTTP Streaming - Can you believe we don't support this yet? Neither can we, it's in the works.
  • More SDKs: PHP and Ruby SDKs are on the way.

Of course we are always open to more feature requests. If you have a requirement we don't support yet, just email mailto:hello@transloadit.com and we'll get cracking 😄