We have a new parameter for the /image/resize Robot. It is called frame and allows you to select a specific frame to use for the operation when you are dealing with animated GIF files.

We got a customer request to optionally remove an animation from a gif. This was possible by e.g. converting it to a .png, but not while preserving its .gif extension.

Instead of a rudimentary animated flag, we chose to introduce the frame property for it. This allows our customers to do much more with animated GIFs, for example extracting thumbnails it.

The default value is null which means all frames are used (and in their exact order), effectively preserving the animation. You would use 1 for the first frame, 2 for the second and so on.

We have plans to support negative values as well in the future, so you could use -1 to select the last frame, -2 to select the last but one, and so on.