Some customers have already used it behind the scenes, but now it is officially released: our SFTP robot. It makes storing files on your own servers a breeze and costs just the same as the /s3/store robot. Please check out its documentation here and feel free to comment on it.

This doesn't end here though. We have also put a new homepage live that introduces our service in a better way, lists some customers, provides a small preview of how the integration works and features a great graphic from SoftFacade that shows our robots at work.

I'd like to dig a little deeper into the process of how that graphic came together, because it was an interesting process and I think the result is awesome.

First off we contacted SoftFacade, told them who we are and what we do. We told them we wanted a nice branding graphic that shows what we do in a simple format. We showed them a picture of a crane moving containers to picture what we are doing with files, since we imagined a big shipping facility to be shown on our final graphic:

Then, even before the first sketch, we had the idea of a big Assembly line (think of how cars are built) with robots on the side doing work. And SoftFacade quickly came up with the first sketch:

We didn't like it overall so much, because the robots didn't look like the ones on our website. They looked more like beetles. :> But the general idea was picked up very well and we knew this was going in the right direction!

We asked SoftFacade to refine the robots a little and also add a video stream onto the table for the robots to work on. See how much of an improvement the second sketch was:

We asked to make the iPhone (stands for any smartphone there) on the left more apparent, add a database barrel in the top right and that the robot making the image bigger should make it smaller. In fact the phone there was meant as a browser, but that got fixed up later. This is what we then got:

We still did not really like the phone/browser on the left and gave some feedback on that. The final sketch was this:

We loved that and got really excited! We knew what work they pulled off for SimpleGeo and others. Their pixel perfect HD images are legendary and if the final sketch of our little robots looked so great how much would the HD version blow us away then?

The first colored HD version shipped two weeks later:

Fantastic! Loved it. We asked for some color changes as we didn't like the green. Also the robots' mouths should be white and we wanted an audio jack in there signifying that we do audio as well. Some alignments and fix ups later we go this:

Marvelous detail! Notice the engraving on the front side of the table. :> We asked again to fine tune the browser, because we thought the blue map in the background was weird. We also wanted to add an upload progress indication to it:

Great! The only real change we wanted there was to change the progress indication to look more like the one we are using in our jQuery SDK.

Only two hours later we got our final result:

Thank you SoftFacade for this great graphic! We also made some T-shirts with it already. :smile:

And also thanks everybody who helped provide feedback on the homepage during its development! I'd like to especially mention here Garret Woodworth, Peter Gerard, Josh Crowder, Tony McAllie and Felix Clack. Thank you very much for your support!

Feel free to comment and tell us if you like our new homepage :smile: