We are happy to announce a couple new features - including two new robots - that quite a few people have anticipated badly 😄

  1. It is now possible to pass fields directly from your form into our process and use them as variables in your Template. In fact, this happens by default now. So if you have an <input type="hidden" name="myvar" value="1" /> field, you can use it as ${fields.myvar} in your Assembly Steps or Templates. This variable will evaluate to a value of "1". This comes in handy for example when you want to filter the uploaded files with very custom rules using our /file/filter Robot.
  2. Our new /file/decompress Robot is capable of extracting zip, tar, rar, bzip etc. files. The extracted files can be directly passed into other Robots as their input files.
  3. Our new /html/convert Robot can take an HTML file (or a URL) and convert that to an image file. Building a url2image service on top of Transloadit should be much easier now.
  4. We can detect the proper mime types from Office/Pages files now. Most files resulted in application/zip mime types in the past. This has been fixed.

Our documentation and pricing pages have been updated accordingly to reflect the new features.

Please let us know what you think 😄