Today we are very happy to announce yet another addition to our robot family: the /file/compress robot!

This little dude can generate zip and tar archives for you.

So far all our robots have processed files one by one. For example the /file/compress robot would normally have created one zip file for each image/video passed to it. But today we are also releasing "step bundling".

If you pass "bundle_steps": true in your use parameter, the /file/compress robot will create one archive file containing all the result files from all the Steps you pass to it. For example:

"use": {
  steps: [":original", "encode2", "resizing3"],
  bundle_steps: true

To learn more about this and check out some demos, please have a look at /file/compress robot documentation.

As you can imagine, the Step bundling functionality makes a whole new family of robots possible! For example a robot that generates one sprite out of several images, a robot that merges several videos together to generate pre-rolls / post-rolls, or one to generate playlists. The sky is the limit. Well actually, let's go beyond that :smile:

Please let us know what you think!