Today, we are very happy to announce yet another addition to our Robot family: the /file/compress Robot!

This little dude can generate zip and tar archives for you. How about that!

So far, all our Robots have processed files one by one. For example, the /file/compress Robot would normally have created one zip file for each image or video that is passed to it. But today, we are also releasing "Step bundling".

If you pass "bundle_steps": true in your use parameter, the /file/compress Robot will create a single archive file containing all the result files from all the Steps you pass to it. For example:

"use": {
  steps: [":original", "encode2", "resizing3"],
  bundle_steps: true

To learn more about this and check out some demos, please have a look at the documentation for our /file/compress Robot.

As you can imagine, the "Step bundling" functionality makes a whole new family of Robots possible! For example, a Robot that generates one sprite out of several images, a Robot that merges several videos together to generate pre-rolls/post-rolls, or one to generate playlists. The sky is the limit. Well actually... let's just try to go beyond that as well! 😄

Please let us know what you think!