Halfway through each month, our newsletter for developers: The Dev Times, brings three reads that our own developers found interesting on the web, and two Transloadit updates that may interest you.

Speedy Web Compiler

SWC is a super-fast alternative for Babel written in Rust. It's not yet at feature parity, but the initial results are promising: SWC can transpile next-generation JavaScript to early-days JavaScript almost twenty times faster. Explore and experiment! ›


Modern challenges require modern solutions — and that is exactly what Terminus has to offer. Their new terminal is heavily inspired by Hyper and highly configurable. It also runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Terminus is perfect for people who like to get things done! Read post ›


The Facebook AI Research (FAIR) Speech Team recently published their latest, fully convolutional speech recognition system. Wav2letter+++ is the fastest system available — and it is fully open source! Its framework is written entirely in C++, making it efficient to train models and perform real-time processing. Check out the full article. ›

Let’s Build: a 2-hr YouTube clone

Samuel, our technical writer, took on the challenge to build a functional YouTube clone in just two hours, using Uppy, Transloadit and Firebase. Now, we're not saying that one person can build a feature-complete video streaming website in just two hours, but we thought it would be cool to see how far he could get! Read post ›

Transloadit is opening a third datacenter in Singapore

In order to offer much lower latencies for the Asia region, we launched our third data center — this time in Singapore. We also took this oppurtunity to debut some big changes to our infrastructure. All of these improvement will eventually be ported back to our datacenters in the US & EU as well. Learn More! ›