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Do you read your customer support emails?

Whatever position you have in a company, you should take some time every week to read your customer support emails. Why? This article goes in depth on the often neglected human element of business and answers some big questions. How is your company is perceived? Do your employees see how their work impacts the real world? How can your company use support emails to their advantage? Learn More ›

JavaScript Fatigue: Realities of our Industry

Technology is not a goal. It may sound rude, but nobody cares about which programming language or framework you are using, or how beautiful your code is. This article argues that JavaScript fatigue misses the point of software engineering: our main goals should be solving business problems, focusing on decreasing costs and generating revenue. Check it out and let us know what you think ›

Kubernetes 1.14

This month, we celebrate the community release of Kubernetes 1.14. This release brings updates that expand the ecosystem from Linux only, by bringing Windows Node support out of beta. Apart from receiving a complete documentation rewrite, Kubectl can now also be integrated with kustomize and has full support for user-created plugins. Read More ›

What’s Uppy with you?

When we started working on Uppy back in early 2016, all we had was an idea and the shared desire to launch file uploading into a new age. Three years, over 16,000 stargazers and a thriving community later, we are getting Uppy 1.0 out the door on April 25. We are thrilled to share this with you in an open way, in full accordance with the nature of Uppy's development. So check out this behind-the-scenes look as we get ready for the home stretch. Learn More! ›

The importance of a watermark: new watermark parameters

A watermark is something any video creator should take into consideration. Luckily, we have been working since June last year to develop three new watermark-related parameters that will help our users fine-tune their watermarks by making them look presentable and unintrusive. The following blog post will take you through a short demo of the three new parameters used by the /video/encode Robot. Learn More! ›