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Just Good Copy - Email copy from great companies

Would you like to build better communication with your clients using simple and short templates? Here's a collection of stock emails from some of the most renowned companies to serve as inspiration. Learn more. ›

Every Time Zone - Calculate time zones without warping your brain

If you've ever had to interact with people in different time zones, you know how confusing it can be to calculate their local time and date. Every Time Zone makes that a thing of the past by providing a clear overview of all the time zones around the world, so you can instantly see the time difference. They also offer premium accounts to help your team connect with others, wherever they are in the world. Check it out. ›

Re-approaching color by Lyft Design

Color guides us to predict, understand, and make decisions. Lyft’s design team has released 'ColorBox', a color design tool that gives web developers a new way of building color systems for accessible UIs that scale. Color us impressed! Read post ›

We are deprecating old ImageMagick and FFmpeg stacks - Upgrade your stack versions to enjoy our added benfits

Over the last ten years, we have gone many extra miles in order to keep supporting our old stack versions for ImageMagick and FFmpeg. While our aim is to support stack verions for a very long time, eventual deprecation is part of running a healthy operation. Please read this article carefully to avoid problems in production. If you spot a problem or Assembly error that is the result of upgrading your ImageMagick or FFmpeg stack, please report them in our little chat widget that you see on every page in the bottom right corner. Read more. ›

The tusd server hits v1.0.0 - Open protocol for resumable file uploads

We are thrilled to announce the v1.0.0 release of our tusd project, the official server reference implementation for the Tus protocol. This update cleans up some internal design weaknesses and inconsistencies while adding new features and retaining the tus 1.x HTTP interface. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the version number — tusd is tried and true, and has been production-ready for many years with users like Vimeo and Cloudflare. Check out the post! ›