Having gained some experience in delivering a free service through the GitHub Student Developer Pack and the Github Teacher Toolbox, Transloadit was highly requested to extend a similar deal to more developers. We think this is a great idea and we couldn't be happier to announce we will be doing just that with our new Community Plan.

We are now opening our doors further and are inviting even more people to use Transloadit in their projects, free of charge.

We hope to put Transloadit into the hands of more non-profits, small-profits, hobbyists, tinkerers, and learners.

Transloadit Community Plan — now free forever

Our Community Plan includes:

  • ✅ Unlimited uploading & importing
  • ✅ Unlimited exporting (if you add an encoding Step)
  • ✅ 5GB of encoding data per month
  • ✅ 1 collaboration seat
  • ✅ Access to 50 different file conversion features (excluding AI Robots)

and it is now *free for all users, forever*. With the new plan, you'll be able to:

And so much more. This makes Transloadit a viable choice to power media processing for your web/app, cli tool, backend service, Zapier Zaps, or small #nocode product like this 2h YouTube clone. For other examples of how you could be making use of our service, check out the full list of our demos, services, integrations, and walkthroughs.

Community Plan users will be able to get support from the Transloadit forum — both from developers using Transloadit for their own products, and from developers within Transloadit.

What does Forever mean?

At the end of the day, like any business, our offerings and plans evolve. But as indicated in our updated ToS, if you sign up for the Community Plan today, we promise never to take this Plan or its benefits away from you. It's yours to have, for as long as Transloadit exists, even if in the future we reconstruct the Community Plan for new users after you.

How do I sign up?

Starting today, all of the new accounts created will automatically be put on the Community Plan. If you are new to Transloadit, sign up here.

If you already have an account and are on the (now legacy) Sandbox plan with an overall 2 GB encoding allowance, you can upgrade to the Community Plan today.