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Stems Player

Stems Player takes any music track and breaks it down into individual musical elements such as drums, bass-line riffs, and melodies. This enhances creative opportunities for DJs, producers, and live performers as each element can be independently controlled to create new tracks. It's built using React, Typescript, and Electron. Read the Reddit post. ›

AVIF - The new, next-gen image compression format

One of the upcoming technologies that we're excited about is the [AVIF] (https:/aomediacodec.github.io/av1-avif/) format. This format was created to give significant image size reduction compared to JPEG or WebP, to offer a rich set of features, and to be widely supported. On top of that, it is one of the first HDR color support image formats! Check it out. ›

How I operated as a Staff Engineer at Heroku

Amy Unger, currently an engineer at GitHub, takes a look back at her previous job as a Staff Engineer with Heroku. She explores the specifics of her role, while sharing some of the knowledge she picked up along the way and offering useful advice for anyone working in a similar position. Read more. ›

Transcribe speech in audio or video files

You can easily transcribe speech into audio or video files with our /speech/transcribe Robot. You can return spoken words as a text or JSON file, and then pass it to another Robot that will burn the text onto an image, or filter the file based on certain words found in the audio track. Go see for yourself! ›

Welcoming your ideas to improve Uppy's Image Editor

One of the best ways to improve our open source products is by requesting feedback. We constantly strive to improve, and we would like to hear your thoughts about our in-browser Image Editor for Uppy. We are excited to hear all the feedback you have to offer! Leave your thoughts. ›