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Web Skills - What you need to know as a web developer

This project by Andreas Mehlsen showcases a visual overview of all the skills a modern web developer needs to learn. From his ten years of experience, he found that these skills are the most useful to know on a day-to-day basis. Take a look inside and you're bound to learn something new! Dive in ›


If you're looking for a Node.js and TypeScript ORM to build a GraphQL server or REST API with, then you should take a look at Prisma. Their approach simplifies databases and allows you to define your app's schema in a human-readable manner. You can even use prisma introspect to automatically create your schema if you already have a database. Their type-safe client means you not only get added ergonomics with VS Code, but you'll also make fewer errors. Check it out ›

Real-time code collaboration with VS Live Share

With the release of Visual Studio Live Share, it's now easier than ever to share your projects with your peers. No need to set up an environment, or clone a repo, just start programming. Additional functionalities such as co-editing, co-debugging and chatting with your colleagues make VS Live Share the most seamless way to collaborate on your projects. Read more ›

Automatically generate music previews from Spotify

In this blog post, we discuss one of the ways in which you can expand Transloadit's capabilities even further by using Zapier. To demonstrate this, we created a Zap that will produce a 30-second clip from the most recently liked song on your Spotify account. Make sure to put some headphones on for this one! Learn more ›

Passing multiple fields with Zapier

Here, our own Yukesh addresses a commonly-asked question: how do you send multiple fields from Zapier to Transloadit? Check out his elegant solution and see how you can integrate this with your own Zaps to make them even more versatile. Take a look ›