Halfway through each month, our newsletter for developers: The Dev Times, brings three reads that our own developers found interesting on the web, and two Transloadit updates that may interest you.

A new year, a new MDN

Over the past sixteen years, MDN has seen over 45,000 contributors and numerous developers and designers. Unsurprisingly, this has led to an inconsistent user experience. MDN has decided to do a complete overhaul to counteract this, which you can read about in the following article. Dive in ›

Package - react-rewards

This package allows you to include configurable micro-interactions in your apps that reward users with confetti, emojis, or balloons. If one of the default options, such as a large cloud of smiling emojis, isn't appropriate for your application, try adjusting the physics configuration for something more suitable. Check it out ›

Tao of Node - Design, Architecture & Best Practices

Software engineer and writer Alex Kondov claims that working with Node applications can be somewhat confusing as they don't follow a predictable structure. He proposes that your applications could become vastly more approachable if you follow the rules he outlines in this post. Read more ›

Let's Build - Reddit video subtitling bot

This blog post will show you how to set up a Reddit bot using our Python SDK to automatically subtitle a video and place a comment underneath it with a link. The bot uses our Transloadit API as the back-end. Learn more ›

Uppy 2.4-2.7 - Image Compressor, Transloadit Rate Limiting, ESM

Uppy has learned some new tricks since our last update, which we will discuss in this blog. Image compression, improved Transloadit rate limiting, and a lighter Dashboard plugin are among the changes and additions. We've also moved our end-to-end tests to Cypress and are gradually transitioning plugins to ES modules (ESM). Take a look ›