Halfway through each month, our newsletter for developers: The Dev Times, brings three reads that our own developers found interesting on the web, and two Transloadit updates that may interest you.

Lightning CSS

Lightning CSS is an extremely fast CSS parser, transformer, and minifier. Thanks to the power of Rust, you can expect speeds up to 100x faster than comparable JavaScript-based tools. It can minify over 2.7 million lines of code per second on a single thread. If lightning quick build times aren't enough for you, Lightning CSS will also minify the total build output of your CSS, helping to speed up your page load times. Dive in ›

Tipi — A personal home-server for everyone

Tipi is your personal home-server orchestrator. Under the hood lies a series of pre-configured Docker containers, with an intuitive web interface to manage them. Take a look through the vast array of different apps already available (as well as an app store where you can submit your own!). The Tipi team has also provided a demo instance, where you can dive into the interface to see if it sparks inspiration for ways to improve your home workflow. Check it out ›

Qwik - A new approach to web optimization

Do you know React? Well, then you know Qwik, too! Qwik is a front-end framework, built upon JSX, for developing crazily fast and resumable applications. Qwik achieves this by focusing on its philosophy of downloading and executing only the code that is strictly necessary for the user's interaction. Qwik is a fine-grained, lazy-loading framework that represents a fundamentally new approach to building web applications. Read more ›

Moving our Flutter SDK into beta

We are once again welcoming a new SDK! This time around, it's for the powerful cross-platform development framework Flutter. With the launch of 0.2.0, every aspect of the Transloadit API is supported, including resumable file uploads using the Tus protocol. The SDK is still in beta, so it is not currently production ready. Do give it a shot, however, and let us know what you think! With more user feedback, we hope to continuously improve the SDK and get it ready for production. Learn more ›

Uppy 3.0 has released! 🐶

Uppy has turned 3! Our beloved file uploader has received serious new improvements to further streamline the development process. Perhaps most notably, Uppy now only ships ESM – a direction we've taken to move Uppy in line with the growing standard on the web. You can say goodbye to unsightly duplicated import statements, too, as we've merged all external sources (Dropbox, Google Drive, Unsplash, etc.) into a single @uppy/remote-sources plugin. As part of this version, we're also shipping fixes for over 95 bugs. We're always trying to teach Uppy new tricks – so let us know what you'd like to see next! Take a look ›