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LocalStack - The leading platform for local cloud development

LocalStack is a cloud service emulator that runs in a single container on your laptop or in your CI environment. It's an easy-to-use test/mocking framework for developing cloud applications. Whether you are testing complex CDK applications or Terraform configurations, or just beginning to learn about AWS services, LocalStack will help to not only speed up, but also simplify your testing and development workflow. Dive in ›

Turbopack - The Rust-powered successor to Webpack

Hand-crafted by the creators of Webpack, Turbopack delivers unparalleled performance at scale. It aims to streamline the build process and is specifically designed for the large, complex applications used by many developers today. The team behind Turbopack is on a quest to reduce the time it takes to run their builds, make error messages less cryptic, and provide the ability to extend the bundler for a wide variety of use cases. Over time, Turbopack also plans to release a standalone CLI, a plugin API, and support for frameworks such as Svelte and Vue. While you may not want to switch over from Webpack right away, Turbopack is an exciting prospect for the JavaScript ecosystem that we think is worth keeping an eye on. Check it out ›

Trunk.io - Developer experience, supercharged

Trunk is a platform that provides developers with real-time code correction to help streamline the programming process while maintaining the same standard of quality. It has raised twenty-five million dollars in an initial round of funding, and launched a new web-based version of its product. Furthermore, the Trunk team has also recently released Trunk Merge, which orchestrates the process of merging pull requests “to maintain a repository of code that always passes all your tests”. This feature is currently in preview, and is open to early-access applicants now – so feel free to apply if you're interested! Read more ›

Check out the new Transloadit swag!

Transloadit now has an official swag shop! Check out all of our cool merchandise, such as Uppy phone cases, Transloadit mugs and comfy clothes, by visiting shop.transloadit.com. We're also handing out free merch to developers who make meaningful contributions to any of our open source projects, and to those who disclose vulnerabilities in a responsible way. Learn more ›

Announcing support for FFmpeg v5.0.0

Upgrading stacks is a big deal. We make sure to be careful with the versions we choose to offer, in order to maximize compatibility and to bring the latest and greatest features offered by the FFmpeg team. However, with the release of v5.0.0 ("Lorentz"), it was hard to say no. With a number of new filters, muxers, decoders and encoders, there are plenty of new toys to play around with. Say goodbye to many of the old encode/decode APIs as well, as they've been superseded by an N:M-based API. Take a look ›