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Deno 1.28 - Featuring 1.3 million new modules

The Deno team is happy to announce that using npm is now even easier and safer. With the release of Deno 1.28, npm compatibility has been stabilized, meaning you can now import over 1.3 million npm modules in Deno. To help you get started using npm modules with Deno, and to show off what you can now build with npm and Deno, the developers have put together tutorials, how-to guides, video walkthroughs, and more on the Deno Youtube channel. Dive in ›

ChatGPT - A step closer to the first AGI

OpenAI's latest project, ChatGPT, was released on November 30. Within five days, it had reached a million users. With its release, we've now moved one step closer to an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). ChatGPT is an AI chatbot capable of writing poems, college-level essays, answering your follow-up questions, admitting its mistakes, challenging incorrect premises, and even writing computer code. The software is a milestone of how far AI has come within just a few years. If you haven't already, check out ChatGPT and find out what all the fuss is about. Check it out ›

Introducing Fig Scripts - Build internal CLI tools faster

Fig Scripts aims to make it easier to create and share internal tools within a team. Fig makes engineers up to ten times more productive in the terminal, thanks to Scripts' powerful contextual search and interactive terminal UI. Simply define the input parameters, and Fig will generate the CLI flags and distribute the script to the rest of your team! The creators of Fig Scripts even plan to add support for in-line documentation, integration with developer infrastructure, and more. Read more ›

Expanding our API for better Terraform provisioning

Recently, a customer reached out to us, expressing their desire to provision Transloadit with Hashicorp's Terraform. We already have the Terraform Provider Plugin available, which leverages our API to set up an account and Templates. However, as the customer pointed out, one key feature was missing: Template Credentials still had to be created and managed through the console UI. That is no longer the case! We have now added an extra endpoint, making it possible to manage your third-party credentials from Terraform. Learn more ›

Learn how to loop audio with Transloadit and Uppy

Transloadit is one big happy family of Robots that assist our customers in doing all kinds of cool stuff. Some of these Robots are not as flashy as others, and don't always get the attention they deserve. That's why today, we are shining a spotlight on one of our unsung heroes: the /audio/loop/ Robot! We're doing so by building a website that loops an audio clip for a specified duration. To help with this project, we'll also make use of the mighty file-uploading tool Uppy. Take a look ›