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Relative CI - Automatic webpack bundle analysis and monitoring

Relative CI offers in-depth bundle insights for every single one of your builds – generating a detailed report for your commits, so you can carefully monitor the impact of a new feature or dependency change. Each report can then be included as part of your pull requests, allowing for every change to be be carefully analyzed. Moreover, their wide range of metrics helps to monitor how your bundle changes over an extended period. Dive in ›

Script Kit - A shortcut to everything

No one likes having to repeat mundane tasks. If you're anything like us, you may often be thinking that many tedious chores in your life could be easily automated – if only you had the right tool. In comes Script Kit! Their tooling makes it easy to create and run scripts that can solve these daily annoyances. Script Kit provides a number of pre-programmed scripts that you can start using right now. However, if you're looking to get more hands on, Script Kit also offers extensive documentation and learning material for you to use as a starting point. Learn more ›

TypeScript 5.0 Beta

Every year, TypeScript seems to grow more popular and more powerful. This year is no different! With the release of TypeScript 5.0 come many new and exciting features, including decorators, const type parameters, further JSDoc support, and even more speed, memory and package size optimizations. This version is still in beta, however, so don't start upgrading your production code just yet. The final stable release is planned for March 14 – so mark the date! Read more ›

The Grand Transloadit 2022 Meetup

We can hardly believe it, but five whole years have already gone by since our previous meetup. We last got together in Berlin in the summer of 2017 for a few days of fun, hanging out and hacking together. The experience made it evident to all involved how important it is – especially for a fully remote company like Transloadit – to create opportunities to meet each other in person. Something truly changes when Slack avatars suddenly turn into real people. In September 2022, we were finally able to see each other again, and we share what we got up to in this post! Check it out ›

Adding a timestamp watermark to any image

As Valentine's Day approaches, we want to share a fun project that you can build using Transloadit and Uppy. We utilize the /image/resize Robot to create a custom Valentine's Day card generator. You can even add a name to the card – creating the perfect personalized card to send to your sweet Valentine. Take a look ›