We have been very busy lately at Transloadit and pushed out quite a few features that might be interesting to you. I'd like to summarize a few here.

Bonus & Referral System

We launched a system that allows you to greatly cut down on your Transloadit costs. By inviting friends, following us on twitter, tweeting about us or giving feedback you can get a monthly discount of up to 40% that lasts forever. Learn more

Batch Importing Files From Your SFTP Server

In addition to importing files from public URLs it is now also possible to batch import files from your own SFTP server via our new /sftp/import Robot. You can read the full documentation here .

Visualizing Audio as Waveform Images

Transloadit is now able to generate waveform images from audio files to visualize the audio content as a PNG image. This is what an audio waveform image looks like in case you don't know:

You can change the background color and the gradient colors as needed. Please find the full documentation here.

Converting Document Pages Into Images

It has been one of the most requested features, and we are happy to announce it. We now support converting pages of PDF documents into images. The robot also supports creating an animated gif file that cycles through all pages of a document. Please find the documentation here.

Assembly Index Page Improvements

The next set of improvements is for the Assembly listing page that is displayed to you when you are logged in. It is now the primary page when you access your account, it's not full-width anymore and due to that it shows a little less information and is more condensed. We had the feeling that it's a better experience to always have the account sidebar displayed. Some customers also requested this. The actual loading of the Assemblies on the index page works through Ajax now and is loads much faster thanks to database, hardware and software upgrades. You can now also filter "problematic" Assemblies (which are canceled, aborted or erroneous Assemblies combined). All these improvements make up for a much better experience.

Upcoming Features

These are the features that we are currently working on:

  • Text/caption support for /image/resize
  • Pre & post-roll videos / merging two videos into one
  • Combining an audio file and an image file to create a video file

Please let us know what you think about all of this by simply replying, and as always we'd love to hear any other feature idea you may have.