We'd like to announce the newest addition to our robot family: the /s3/import robot.

This robot allows you to import a particular file or all files in a particular directory from your Amazon S3 bucket into Transloadit. With this you can transcode entire folders of your S3 buckets automatically, and have the conversion results stored back in the corresponding folders. This is very nice for batch-processing a lot of files.

The robot is in beta, so any feedback regarding how it works is welcome. Feature requests are also very welcome as always. Here you can find the documentation.

You might argue that S3 can talk HTTP, so why not just use the http/import robot? The /s3/import robot can do full directory scanning, supports protected buckets that http/import could not access and makes up for lower bandwidth costs if you are also in the EC2 US East region. So there are quite a few valuable advantages here.

Like all other import robots, the /s3/import robot is completely free of charge.