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Astro 3.0

Astro 3.0 has landed! We're most excited about the new View Transitions API, allowing for transitions between web pages, and the ability to persist stateful elements. Previously, this was limited to Single Page Applications, but it's now available natively for any type of website. That's not all the Astro team have been hard at work on though! Astro 3.0 sees a 30% performance boost on average, which can rise to as high as 75% in certain benchmarks. Of course, we're only scratching the surface here, so read their blog for more details on the improvements to image optimization, SSR enhancements for serverless, and more. Dive in ›


Capo.js is an open-source Chrome extension that does one very simple, but powerful thing – ordering the <head> on your webpage. The order of the elements in the <head> can have a perceptible impact on the performance of your page, so it's important to get it right. Capo.js provides an approachable interface, so you don't have to wonder whether certain elements are out of order. Check out the repo for instructions on how to get started. Learn more ›


A few months ago, we covered Rome in the Dev Times. Biome is an official fork of Rome, and a continuation of the Rome project, pioneered by Emanuele Stoppa. At heart, the project and mission remain the same, and Emanuele explains the reasoning behind the name change. Regardless, Biome carries the torch from Rome, and offers a unified developer platform for formatting, linting, and more. It's built on top of Rust too, promising lightning-fast speeds, scalable to any code base. Read more ›

What is transcoding?

Digital media comes in a variety of formats, each with its own set of specifications and codecs. Transcoding is what bridges the gap between different formats. In this blog, we take a deep dive into the world of transcoding; exploring its definition, importance, and how Transloadit can help you transcode your files in seconds. Check it out ›

How to use Wasabi cloud storage with Transloadit

Transloadit offers importing and exporting to many third-party storage services, with Amazon S3 being one of the most popular choices. In this blog, Yukesh shines a light on two of our lesser-known Robots, the Wasabi storage Robots: /wasabi/import and /wasabi/store. Take a look ›