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List of projects

The following is a list of projects created by community members, for community members.


Transloadit development notify_url proxy

by re5et
A proxy to test Assembly Notifications in your local dev environment written in Node.js.


Appcelerator Titanium Transloadit Module for iOS

The Titanium module currently supports files referenced by path (String) or TiBlob (as returned by Titanium's Ti.Media.openPhotoGallery or Ti.Media.showCamera). It also has a method to open a generic photo gallery to allow the user to select a photo to upload.

Flutter SDK for Transloadit

A Flutter package that provides a SDK for Transloadit. Uses the Tus file uploading protocol for resumable file uploads.

PCL port of our C# SDK

This is a port of the official C# SDK to PCL.

Python client for Transloadit

This is a Python client for the Transloadit service, which is a cloud encoder for images, video, and other content that needs marshalling around the internet.

Transloadit Bootstrap plugin

Transloadit jQuery plugin adapted for use with Twitter Bootstrap.

Transloadit Drag-and-Drop

An update to our jQuery SDK and example JS integration to provide drag and drop file uploads.

Transloadit for Haskell + Yesod

This is a Transloadit plugin for the Yesod framework in Haskell.

Transloadit integration for Ruby-Shrine

An integration for the popular Ruby Shrine project, which is a toolkit for handling file uploads in Ruby.


by Yapp
A UI-free alternative to our jQuery SDK.


An alternative iOS SDK to upload files to Transloadit written in Objective-C and powered by AFNetworking and blocks.


An AngularJS module for Transloadit uploads.


Chili Videos

A "private YouTube" for ChiliProject (or Redmine) installations written in Ruby.


A live updating gallery of images uploaded by Transloadit suitable for jQuery


Image Cropping Tool

Features jQuery frontend and PHP backend. In this example application you upload an image and then select a cropping area using drag and drop. Submitting the form will crop the uploaded image via Transloadit and give the result image back to you.

Transloadit Paperclip integration

A gist with integration for the popular Ruby Paperclip gem.


A jQuery integration of Transloadit with custom progressbar and support for the jQuery.validate plugin.

Video Preview Image Chooser

Features jQuery frontend and PHP backend. In this example application you upload a video and then have to option to select a cover image for the video from 10 thumbnails that are extracted from the video. Your choice will be resized into several formats. The uploaded video will also be encoded into several different web formats.

Did you see something cool that could be useful to others in the community? Please get in touch and we will list your project here.