Are there any discounts?


  • Uploading and importing of files is totally free.
  • Exporting conversion results (to S3, SFTP, etc.) is free.
  • Video concatenation is discounted by 75%.
  • All audio Robots are discounted by 75%.
  • Extracting video thumbnails is discounted by 90%.
  • Exporting uploaded files is discounted by 90%.

Transloadit offers the "Startup" plan free of charge to open source projects and nonprofits. Please reach out.

If you are a student or an educator, you can use Transloadit for free through GitHub Education programs. Find out more about our student plan, and our teacher offer.

We offer sizable discounts for commercial initiatives that link back to us with: Uploading & encoding powered by <a href=""></a>. It can be subtle, but needs to be visible and not tucked away in a dead area of your website :smile:. Reach out.

Here are some calculation examples for your convenience.

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