Are there any discounts?


  • Uploading and importing of files is totally free.
  • Exporting conversion results (to S3, SFTP, etc.) is free.
  • Video concatenation is discounted by 75%.
  • All audio Robots are discounted by 75%.
  • Extracting video thumbnails is discounted by 90%.
  • Exporting uploaded files is discounted by 90%.

Transloadit offers the "Startup" plan free of charge to open source projects, GitHub Student Developer Pack members, and nonprofits. If you are a GitHub Student Developer Pack members click here. Otherwise, please Reach out.

We offer sizable discounts for commercial initiatives that link back to us with: Uploading & encoding powered by <a href=""></a>. It can be subtle, but needs to be visible and not tucked away in a dead area of your website :smile:. Reach out.

Here are some calculation examples for your convenience.

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