How do I enable multi-file upload?

Transloadit supports several ways for users to upload multiple files at once.


The easiest way to allow users to select multiple files, is to use an input field like this:

<input name="my_file" multiple="multiple" />

This will allow users with an HTML5-capable browser to select multiple files in the file selection dialog box.

Supported Browsers:

  • Firefox >= 3.6
  • Google Chrome >= 2
  • Safari >= 4

For Opera, use their Web Forms 2.0 support, which has been available since 2006:

<input type="file" min="1" max="9999" />


For non-HTML5 browsers, you can add a new file input field whenever the user has selected a file. You can follow any of the available tutorials, as there are no Transloadit-specific Steps involved. Note that these solution will work, but will not allow users to select multiple files in a single file upload dialog.


You can use any existing flash uploader with Transloadit.

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