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Will there ever be an encoding queue?

In 2013, it happened three times that we had a few minutes of queue time for our live queue. We were receiving big volumes and it took a few minutes for new machines to come online and help drain the queue more quickly.

In order to make sure this could not happen again, we have since:

  • separated batch/import jobs from live/upload jobs
  • increased our base capacity to 540 cores
  • parallelized upscaling
  • implemented analysis of uploads before they enter the encoding queue, so we can launch additional machines ahead of time
  • brought down launch times to one minute
  • raised our instance ceiling at Amazon, so we can have 1500 heavy machines online (raised over the years, as our requirements grew, from the default of 20).

We are continuously monitoring our system and making improvements to make Queue times a thing of the past.

To learn more about Queues and what you can do to avoid them, read the Queue section in our API docs.

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