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How do I set up a Google Cloud bucket?

1. Sign up for a Google Service Account

To use Google Cloud buckets, you will first need a Google service account. To sign up, go to the Google Cloud page and click the "Get started for free" button.

2. Locate your credentials

To locate the credentials for your account, you will need to:

  • While creating a new Google service account, set role as "Storage Object Creator"
  • Select "JSON" as the key format file
  • Download to your computer and take note of the JSON Key File (YOUR_JSON_KEY_FILE)
  • Proceed to the API Library
  • Search for "Google Cloud Storage JSON API" and enable the feature
  • Wait approximately ten minutes for the action to be processed by the Google network

Now you can set up the storage.objects.create and storage.objects.delete permissions. The latter is optional and only required if you intend to overwrite existing paths.

3. Create a bucket

To create a Google Storage bucket, use the Google Cloud Console online, or use a local client that supports the Google Cloud API. We recommend any of the following:

Make sure to take note of your Bucket Name (YOUR_GOOGLE_STORAGE_BUCKET) and Google Project ID(YOUR_GOOGLE_PROJECT_ID) after you create the bucket.

4. Use the bucket with Transloadit Templates

Assuming you have signed up for Transloadit, proceed to Template Credentials. Then under "Adding new Credentials", select "Google Storage" and input the relevant information from the earlier steps.

The following is an example of a simple Template for testing the connection to your Google Storage account.

  "steps": {
    ":original": {
      "robot": "/upload/handle"
    "exported": {
      "robot": "/google/store",
      "use": ":original",
      "credentials": "YOUR_GOOGLE_CLOUD_CREDENTIALS"

To see if it works, in the created Template's testing section, click "Toggle Testing Area" and upload an item.


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