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Why do encoding presets have default resolutions?

All of our presets are designed for specific output resolutions. For example mp4/1080p is, as you'd expect, in 1080p. This means the video will be encoded to a width of 1920 pixels and a height of 1080 pixels.

If you're targeting a specific output format for a device, naturally that will come with a desired output resolution to match the device's resolution. Hence, why our presets come with a pre-defined resolution.

However, this will automatically enlarge the file if your video is smaller than what the preset dictates. If you're looking to avoid this behaviour, then you can do so with 🤖/video/encode's zoom parameter. Just set it to false.

If you really want to preserve your input video resolution and only want to use the other preset values, you can do so like this:

"preset": "mp4/1080p",
"width": "${file.meta.width}",
"height": "${file.meta.height}"

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