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Can you help me understand the pricing?

It would be very simple if we could charge per minute and leave it at that. However, Transloadit can handle any kind of file, not just those that have a duration.

A fixed $ per GB could also be nice but that would leave some bots overpriced in our opinion. For that reason, we offer discounts that vary per Robot.

The discounts work by ignoring a percentage of your usage.

Suppose you had a 1 GB video file and wanted to extract 10 thumbnails, and each thumbnail would be a 1MB JPEG. What would the usage be in this case?

It's 1 GB + (10 * 1MB) = 1034MB. 🤖/video/thumbs has a 90% discount, so we only charge 10%. This means you will be billed for 103.4MB. Or: 0.1 GB * the price associated with your plan.

Here are some more calculation examples for your convenience.

By using plans, you can commit to a monthly usage, for which we can offer a lower GB pricing. You will still be able to process files beyond your plan limit, but we can't offer the same discount for that. We will notify you when you are close to your plan's limit, so you can always find the most economical spot for your usage.

For information on the specific usage for each month, check out the Monthly usage section under your account's Billing & Plan tab.

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