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Can you delete temporary files sooner?

We'd rather not, for three reasons:

  1. Some of our customers use the temporary files to import them again in a new Assembly to do more encodings with them. Others also use them to show to a moderation team in their app and once they approve it, only then do they persist the files in their own S3 buckets. Even though that goes against our recommendation, changing this could potentially break existing apps.

  2. If an Assembly crashes and it is auto-replayed, it imports the uploaded files from our temporary result bucket. If they get deleted after every Assembly or Assembly Step automatically, replays will not work.

  3. If people submit support tickets to have us look into an encoding issue, we need a way to retrieve the uploaded / encoded files for debugging. 24 hours is already a short time frame for this.

In any case, the temporary filenames are hashes, so if you don't expose the locations publicly, it will take much longer to correctly guess a filename than it will exist.

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