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What is Turbo mode?

Turbo mode is a premium feature available for 🤖/video/encode and 🤖/video/concat, starting with our Small Business plan, which allows you to significantly increase encoding times (up to 20x!) by splitting a video into several small chunks that can be encoded in parallel and then stitched back together into the finished product.

Due to the complexity of Turbo mode, this results in increased usage of Priority Job Slots as the number of chunks increases. So users with fewer Priority Job Slots can use this feature, we allow tuning of how many chunks are created. By default, if you upload a video file over a minute long, the video will be split into 10-second chunks, and if it's under one minute, it will be split into 5-second chunks.

To configure how many chunks are generated, we've created the chunk_duration parameter. The higher value you set, the fewer chunks will have to be created. This requires fewer Priority Job Slots to transcode as part of the priority queue.

Below, we have linked statistics provided by Filestage.io as well as some internal statistics of our own showcase of encoding times with and without this feature enabled.

Turbo mode Transcoding statistic

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